Dementia Support (LeRo Training)

Holistic and Person-centred Approaches to Dementia Care and Support

I have a wealth of experience of working in health and social care over a period of 35 years. 

I have supported managers and their staff in a wide range of health and social care settings: specialist dementia care (where I trained key champions in dementia specialisms), nursing and residential settings, and supported living accommodation.

This work later included regional Carers’ groups, composed of relatives and families of people living with dementia (PLWD).

I have actively promoted the needs for these client groups to have an informed awareness and to develop knowledge and practical skills in dementia care.

I have identified the needs of carers to understand the complex nature of dementia diagnosis, how to embed person centred and holistic care, and how to respond to behaviours that challenge others’. This was emotive work for families who had previously experienced minimal support and a dearth of relevant information. The enormous success and excellent feedback I received for my course materials, delivery methods and approach to the topic is copiously documented through quality assurance procedures.

In my training materials, which incorporates the core principles of person centred practices and current legislation, I engage with experts in the workings of the dementia brain, the range of dementia diagnoses, and subsequent dementia-associated cognitive and communication difficulties. I believe that communication techniques and practical skills are both fundamental and pertinent in the role of caring for those PLWD.

My 1 and 2 day training courses offers the opportunity to learn more about the dementia brain, signs and symptoms, range of diagnosis and the impact this has on the individual, brain, cognition and communication difficulties, behaviours that others may find challenging, strengths and weaknesses (cognition and communication) and strategies for communication, care and support.

For more information about my dementia courses, please contact me 

I operate at the forefront of education and training in health and social care, making ongoing attempts to improve the lives of those in the care of our contemporary health and social care workers, bringing about increased understanding and awareness around implementing person centred practice in an holistic manner.

I am a trained researcher in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and have a keen interest in conversational analysis (CA).

Recent research undertaken in a care home environment, recording paid carers communication and social interaction with PLWD (with a lack of mental capacity) helped develop specialised training resources for carers, paid carers and professionals.

The research culminated in an extended training course specifically covering various forms of dementia, the brain, cognition and communication difficulties and subsequent strategies.

The course provides a range of knowledge, skills in communication and opportunities for improving overall communication (interpersonal) and social interaction between carers/paid carers/professionals and PLWD.