Empowering Neurodivergent Students!

Welcome to L.Robinson Training | Consultancy

Are you a neurodivergent student seeking a supportive and inclusive academic journey?

Look no further – Here at L.Robinson Training | Consultancy (LRTC) we are proud to have a seasoned consultant who specialises in empowering neurodivergent students. With a deep understanding of the challenges you might face, and a genuine commitment to your growth, LRTC is here to guide and mentor you every step of the way, and celebrate your unique strengths, to work towards achieving your academic and career ambitions.

A collage of different coloured font words associated with neurodivergent theme; autism, dyslexia, adhd, ocd and more.

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What the Students say!

“The support Lesley has provided has been amazing, she is patient and considerate and has helped me with some challenging difficulties at university by listening to my concerns and supporting me to communicate my difficulties to the university, a big thank you for helping me get through the year!”

– anonymous student feedback, 2021

“Lesley has helped me develop techniques in mindfulness through meditation to help reduce my anxiety, which I found very helpful and I find her support invaluable, as she has helped me minimise my levels of stress during a very chaotic year.”

– anonymous student feedback, 2021