Meditation – the Practice of Presence

Meditation – the Practice of Presence

Whether you call it meditation or mindfulness it’s up to you. The practice of regular meditation (from a neuroscience perspective and in anecdotal research) has been proven to improve cognition, memory, self-regulation, peace, harmony and wellbeing in diverse individuals.

The human mind fluctuates from past events, present pre-occupations and prospective futures. Whether this is regarding past regrets, guilt, negative experience’s, expectations, remorse, rumination, or future desires and aspirations. Being caught in psychological time that is unhealthy, impacts negatively on the person, which affects their health and wellbeing.

The point is, people miss out on living in the present moment. The moments of daily life that go swiftly without much thought to them or attention. In particularly if you are a busy person or have children, or life demands that call for your attention immediately.

Learning how to live in the present moment whilst going about your daily life is liberating, and provides positive strides in everything you do on a daily basis.

I (Lesley) have meditated for many years and have studied the neuroscience of meditation. I attended Eckhart Tolle’s – School of the Awakening – Intensive Virtual Retreat to practice being in the now, the stillness of everyday life – to practice both being a student and teacher of presence, to help others who may benefit from ‘coming out of their head’.