LRTC Testimonials

Welcome to our testimonial page, these testimonials provide a formal and authentic glimpse into the meaningful contributions Lesley has made in students’ lives.

Testimonials: Private 1:1 Study Skills teacher 2023-2024

“Throughout my time working with Les I was working towards finishing my finals. It was an extremely overwhelming and stressful time that I struggled with greatly on my own. Les was the most amazing support. Not only were Les’s uplifting mood, words of encouragement and brilliant advice (academically and life!) just what I needed to get me through this time, but her ‘wrap around’ academic skills, support, planning, proof reading and endless amounts of word cutting and refining advice and strategies were invaluable to my essays and work handed in.
I cannot thank Les enough. What ever I needed she could help me with. Her understanding of my academic struggles and her professional manner was the biggest comfort and relief when I did not think I could tackle my assignments, and without Les I certainly would not have reached my full potential at University!”

(Private Client – 2024)

Testimonials: Private 1:1 Mentoring & Life Coach 2022-2023

“Thank you for the exceptional mentorship you have provided me over the course of the five months that you have been helping me. Your guidance and support have given me the foundation I needed to allow me to grow personally and professionally. Your ability to listen attentively, offer advice and be there for me has had a profound impact on my development and skills. Moreover, your dedication to helping me set goals, navigate challenges I had and offering constructive feedback consistently exceeded my expectations and contributed to me successfully completing my masters and overcoming difficult periods in my life. Moreover, your encouragement and belief in my skills and abilities has boosted my confidence and motivated me to continue working towards my goals. I am particularly grateful for your unwavering support and guidance and your genuine commitment to my success since we first started.”

(Private Client – 2023)

Testimonials: DSA NMH Student 2020-2021

“Lesley is amazing!”

– anonymous student feedback, 2021

“I am extremely grateful for the help I receive and I would not be where I am today without Les. She is kind, caring, efficient and approachable.”

– anonymous student feedback, 2021

“She has helped amazingly with improving my critical thinking and writing.”

– anonymous student feedback, 2021
Testimonials DSA NMH Student 2015-2019

“Les is one of the most enfusiastic people on campus, i like how she helps me to break down my tasks for assignments…it helps me to understand. I am more confident with my essay writing.”

[Criminology student with dyslexia, dyspraxia and depression]

“Strategies and guidance has been really helpful with regards to approaching certain areas of uni life and have all ended up with positive outcomes…talking has helped with clarification…proofreading was weak initially and is now improving greatly…since i have had guidance my academic writing and proofreading has improved…having the sheet with linking words on was of great use as it has allowed my assignments to ead much better…my stress and anxiety levels are much lower since talking about techniques.”

[Sciences student with anxiety]

“By analysing and creating a detailed plan I was able to formulate a well structured essays. Exploring many themes…proofreading is an issue for me, but by formulating many drafts, it helped me to improve on my ideas without being repetitive…’ In relation to reflective writing/critical writing and thinking, AF stated that ‘…this come within planning making sure I am being critical without being too descriptive…my wrighting has improved, with my punctuation less of a problem…working on drafts with Les has helped me scuctre my arguments. Being crtical, with each draft helping improve my argument.”

[Sociology student with dyslexia]

“Lesly has helped me to keep a diary which i never did before this has helped me alot. She has helped me manage my axiety help myself, i have had moments where i wasn’t confident to engage or believe in myself but Les helped me to do this in the studio and other work – Les has helped me to control what i do better this year, homebased support has been invaluable to keep me so active with my studies – she also helped me greatly in the library.
In relation to managing stress/coping skills and motivation strategies, BL stated that ‘I have improved on some of these things this year from last year…I want to explore my patterns to help me understand my self. I must to just keep communication with people for my mental health and agree that mobility support is a key need for me. I have always gained from support and taking with Les – she builds my confidence. At times I have anxietys with using this support but when I do it helps me greatly. I am still working on ignoring my depression and fight these barrier.”

[Photography student with depression and anxiety]

“I have maintained a good outlook on my work and motivation to continue. Les has helped me establish how my mind works in regards to my disability and what can be done to support it. ‘Les helped me to gain a better routine In my time-management and organisation skills. Complementing my ideas and helping me with what i needed to do, with full participation and a clear sign of passion and engagement to her job role.’ ‘Les has helped me deal with serious incidents to which caused me major stress. She has always made sure i was healthy and happy – as well as keeping on top of my course.”

[Business Administration student with ADHD and depression]

“Talking to Les gives me the ability to air out what is going on with me, understand what is happening to me, and really makes me feel likeI am ‘with’ someone as I work through these difficulties.”

[Computer Science student with depression]