Improve Your Memory Training

To maintain memory of the things you want to remember, you need to encode information from the environment and or learning objectives. This is achieved through visual, auditory, and physical cues.

There are three types of encoding – acoustic, visual and semantic encoding. These are explored with clients to create bespoke visual, innovative ways of remembering what you want to memorise.

I (Lesley) am qualified as an improve your memory trainer and offer a range of techniques and strategies to support clients in remembering the things they need e.g. study, exam revision, lists, daily tasks, work objectives and even complex information and knowledge.

I can offer people the opportunity to develop frameworks that support improved memory. These draw upon associations, imagination and experimentation.

There are a range of practical techniques and strategies that can be used to improve memory, such as;

  • Songs and Rhymes
  • Acronyms and Acrostics
  • Similar Sounding
  • Note taking Techniques
  • Chunking
  • The Method of Loci
  • The Story Method
  • The Numeric Peg System
  • The Rhyming Peg Word System
  • Shape Pegs
  • Alphabet Pegs – Phonetics ( The Major System)
  • Alphabetic Pegs – Concrete
  • The Number Rhyme System