books and laptop with text psychoeducation

Psychoeducation helps you learn more about your conditions. How it affects you in relation to your health, wellbeing, academic and work related objectives. The more you understand, and are self-aware of how your conditions impact you, both negatively and positively, the increased opportunity you have to better self-manage, both personally and professionally.

Being able to learn to identify your sensory triggers when in an academic environment, or the work place, is fundamental to self-awareness. Self-awareness is important for the growth of any individual.

My support helps clients to achieve their short and long term goals to reach their overall educational and career aspirations.

I (Lesley) apply psychoeducation when working with clients. To support their need to learn more about how their brain learns, given the conditions. This provides interesting insight into how you can learn to manage the self. Alongside this, metacognition is embedded. Metacognition are skills that clients can learn to manage their own learning processes and involves self-awareness, self-monitoring and self-regulation.

All of which are accomplished with bespoke psychoeducation techniques and interventions and strategies. Essentially, every person I work with has their own unique set of circumstances, life history and experiences.