Metacognition is a set of skills that can support learners to explicitly think about their own learning processes. It is split into three core areas: cognition, metacognition and motivation to participate in metacognition and cognitive skills development.

Metacognition is fundamental in structuring ways learners reflect. How they act on their learning experiences, because it provides an ability to develop self-awareness, self-monitoring, self-regulation skills.

Metacognition supports reflective thinking, and with suitable support the learner can engage and explore their own cognition. To develop bespoke strategies that consider individual learning profile and ways of working. This promotes independence in learning, enhances thinking skills and improves the quality of individual writing ability.

It further supports an improved ability to plan, monitor, evaluate own learning. To probe and ask internal questions.

However, metacognition requires the attitude, belief, and commitment of the learner to be able to fully benefit from the skills. metacognition and cognition offers.

I (Lesley) support clients to develop metacognition skills by helping them to develop metacognition through explicit teaching, modelling of metacognition strategies and how to use them.